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Since 1928
Japan's first paint manufacturer

KUSAKABE began manufacturing paints in Japan under the KUSAKABE brand in 1928. Working closely with artists to carefully create KUSAKABE brand paints, KUSAKABE has gained the trust and confidence of a large number of professional artists. Advanced paint mixing technologies and 80 years experience manufacturing paint products has been passed down from generation to generation to the present day. In keeping with the changing times, KUSAKABE has adopted the best, high-performance pigments to deliver vivid colors and a superior painting experience to artists around the world.

In consideration of environmental issues, such as the disposal and treatment of contaminated water, KUSAKABE offers a range of environmentally friendly watercolors for professional artists. Our watercolors use only the most vivid, high-quality and high-performance pigments and are preferred by artists and painters all over the world.
In 2006, KUSAKABE affirmed its technical prowess when it developed AQYLA, the world's first water-based alkyd resin paint. AQYLA has been a saviour for artists fed up with having to paint with acrylic paints and is increasing its fan base each year.
KUSAKABE has continued to preserve its history spanning 80 years as Japan's top oil color brand and its traditional methods while also boldly challenging the boundaries of new paint development. If you haven't already, experience the joy of painting with KUSAKABE paints.
(KUSAKABE Products)
  • Professional Oil Paints (Brands: KUSAKABE, MINO, GUILD)
  • Oil Mediums
  • Professional Watercolors
  • AQYLA Water-Based Alkyd Resin Paint
(Other Stocked Products)
  • Painting supplies including brushes and palettes Pigments
  • Pigments
  • Painting Sets
  • Painting Mediums
  • Daler Rowney Products
  • Precious Metal Clay (Silver Clay)
  • Air Brushes



Head Office & Factory
3-3-8 Hizaori-cho, Asaka-shi, Saitama-ken
Gotenba Factory
1796-24 Nakabata, Gotenba-shi, Shizuoka-ken

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